Boost Treatments

Any of the following treatments can be added to the facial of your choice to give your skin an added boost!

$72.00 – 15 minutes

Needle free approach, deliver essential ingredients with deep penetration. Leaving your skin brighter and plumper.

Decollete Peel
$72.00 – 15 minutes

Add an O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Peel to the often forgotten chest area.

Level One Roller
$99.00 – 15 minutes

Improve penetration of actives and rejuvenate your skin instantly. Includes a take home roller.

LED Light Therapy
$72.00 – 15 minutes

Using wavelengths of light, rebalance, heal and reinvigorate production of collagen. Pain free and natural.

$72.00 – 15 minutes

Slough away dead skin effectively and allow penetration of actives to go deeper.

RF Skin Tightening*
From $199.00 – 15 minutes

Using RF, collagen and elastin is strengthened to naturally tighten the skin with great results. For eyes neck or jaw.

$299.00 – 15 minutes

A simple test based on your DNA to identify the most suited skincare ingredients, treatments and supplements.

Double Peel
$72.00 – 15 minutes

Two peels applied for durable effect during your O Cosmedics Dermal Planning Peel.