Expert Skincare Advice Over Retail Recommendations

The Crucial Difference

Expert Skincare Advice Over Retail Recommendations

The pursuit of an ideal skincare routine often leads us astray, influenced by fleeting trends and new product launches. While the allure of quick fixes in beauty retail stores or online quizzes is strong, the journey to truly understand and care for your skin is much more complex. Relying solely on retail recommendations can be risky, as it may not consider your skin’s unique needs and could lead to ineffective or even harmful products.

The importance of seeking personalised skincare advice from a certified expert cannot be overstated, especially when compared to the well-intentioned but often generalised guidance provided by retail assistants in chemists and make-up stores.

Skin OBSERV Consultation at Nicola Quinn Spa

Take the story of Sam, one of our valued ambassadors, as a case in point. Sam’s journey with skincare is a testament to the transformative power of professional expertise. Before joining us, Sam, like many others, sought to improve her skin health based on advice from retail environments and online assessments. Unfortunately, this approach led to a severely compromised skin barrier, a condition that not only impeded her goal of enhanced skin health but also required immediate and expert intervention.

Skin OBSERV Consultation at Nicola Quinn Spa

At Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa, our approach to skincare is rooted in a deep understanding of the individuality of skin. Each person’s skin is unique, with its own set of needs and challenges. Recognising this, we begin with a thorough assessment to understand her skin concerns’ symptoms and underlying causes.


Sam’s journey to skin heath started with stepping back from the overwhelming array of products and treatments she had been advised to use. Instead, focusing on simplicity and efficacy, we recommended just two targeted products to restore her skin barrier. Alongside this, a monthly O Cosmedics peel was introduced, carefully selected for its ability to rejuvenate without overwhelming her skin.

Sam getting o cosmedics peel at Nicola Quinn

This personalised approach underscores a critical message: skincare is not one-size-fits-all. Retail environments, with their vast product ranges and sales-focused advice, cannot offer the tailored care and understanding that comes from a professional consultation. Our skincare experts bring a wealth of knowledge about skin physiology, the impact of lifestyle factors, and the intricacies of various skin conditions.




We are equipped to offer advanced treatments such as Dermapen Microneedling, which require a level of expertise and care beyond what retail advice can provide. Before any advanced treatment, ensuring the skin is in a healthy, receptive state is paramount, as evidenced by Sam’s experience. It’s not just about addressing the immediate concerns but nurturing a foundation of healthy skin from which to build.


While the convenience and accessibility of retail stores and online quizzes are undeniable, the journey to lasting skin health and beauty is best navigated with the guidance of skincare professionals. Our commitment to personalised care, informed by expertise and a holistic understanding of skin health, ensures the treatments’ efficacy and the long-term well-being of your skin. 

Sam’s story is a reminder to all of us: the path to your best skin starts with seeking out expert advice, tailored to you.

Sam's home care regime

DP Skin Veneer

It contains a powerful combination of proteins, botanicals, peptides and cholesterol that replicate the skin’s natural barrier function, working to protect your skin like a biocompatible ‘veneer’ layer whilst providing premium hydration. Ideal for Scars, stretch marks, and post-tattoo removal/application.

Dp Dermaceuticals Brite Lite

This versatile corrective inhibits pigmentation, reducing the appearance of age spots, sun damage, melasma and uneven skin tone, and sedating pigment formation for long-lasting results.

Dp CLR Foam Cleanser

Ideal for problematic skin. It reduces the appearance of enlarged or clogged pores and excessive oiliness. The selective blend of skin clarifying natural amino acids, salts, honey, herbal and fruit extracts helps regulate oil production and aids in killing p-acne bacteria. It also calms and soothes inflammation. The result is clearer, calmer skin with a more even tone and texture.

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