Skin Memberships

Invest in you with a Skin Membership

We all know that taking a single exercise class or hitting the gym once a year won’t make much of a dent in your fitness goals. And the same logic can be applied to achieving great skin. 

Receiving one facial or skincare treatment may have a positive impact on your skin, but it likely won’t leave you with the complexion of your dreams. The reason being that your fitness and skincare objectives both require time and consistency for best results—which is why we have just launched our new Get Glowing Skin Memberships.

You can now purchase a skin membership that gives you the ability to experience regular skin treatments and achieve that glowing complexion. 

With five options to choose from, you can customise your membership to include advanced skin upgrades such as LED and Dermapen Microneedling or a relaxing treat such as Aroma Swedish Massage – the choice is yours.

O Cosmedics Peels Skin Membership

Power Peel Programme

From $1,799

Fast track your skin health. This Power Peel Programme is a great short term course to combat your skin concerns. Each package includes 5 products prescribed by your therapist to really fast track and gain the results you want. Your therapist will design the treatment timeframe to suit your skins needs.

You save upto $355 | 15%
Massage membership Christchurch NZ

Spa Essentials

$1,836 Per Year

Nurture your body and mind and soothe away stresses with a routine Aroma Swedish Massage.

You save $324 | 15%
Facial Membership Christchurch NZ

Skin Essentials

$2,346 Per Year

Upgrade your skin health with a regular O Cosmedics Facial plus an advanced add-on.

You save $414 | 15%
Skin tightening Christchurch NZ

Body Revival

$3,230 Per Year

Boost body confidence with a series of body contouring and skin rejuvenation treatments. Look and feel your absolute best by achieving tighter skin, reduced cellulite and diminished stretch marks.

You save $808 | 20%
Dermapen microneedling membership NZ

Skin Youth

$3,643 Per Year

Level up and drive visible results in your skin with a regular O Cosmedics Facial combined with a series of advanced treatments to achieve skin youth and renewal. Get ready to glow!

You save $911 | 20%
Skin tightening and Dermapen membership Christchurch

Skin and Body Accelerator

$5,438 Per Year

Achieve total complexion and body rejuvenation by combining a regular O Cosmedics Facial Peels plus a series of advanced skin treatments and body contouring sessions, along with an exclusive discount on retail products.

You save $1,360 | 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer – yes! A facial is a way to cleanse and purify the face and neck in a way you can’t DIY at home. It’s almost like the difference between brushing your teeth, and visiting a dentist once in a while for a professional clean!

Facials are not only great to enhance your skin and keep you glowing, but can help treat skin concerns such as acne, dry skin, dullness, pigmentation, skin ageing and more. If you’re starting out, the Fresh Start Facial is a great option. Your therapist will work with you to discover your skin needs and concerns, before giving you a classic customised facial.

We offer the humm  ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service.

For memberships under $3,000 you can split the payments interest free over 6 months.

For memberships over $3,000 you can split the payments interest free over 12 months.

Click here to learn more about humm.

– NQ rewards cannot be used as payment towards a skin membership or concession

– You will not earn NQ rewards on the purchase of a skin membership or concession. However, you will earn NQ rewards AND receive your skincare discount on all retail product purchased! Yippee! 

Although you don’t receive NQ Rewards when purchasing a skin membership, we have ensured you are receiving a far better deal!

For example, let’s look at our most popular membership “Skin Youth”.

If you were to pay full price for all the treatments included in this membership, you would be paying $4,446 and you would receive $350 of NQ Rewards. Keeping in mind you would not receive the 10% discount on retail products.

If you compare this to purchasing the membership for $3,499, you are saving $947 and receive a 10% discount on retail products! …and did we mention you also receive NQ rewards on all your retail products too? Generous, we know!

– You cannot transfer your membership to another person

– Only the person who purchased the membership can redeem treatments and purchase product using the membership discount

– You cannot exchange or change your membership treatments

– Your membership treatments must be redeemed within an 18 month period

– Your retail discount is valid for 12 months from the date of membership purchase


Kind Words

Sarah Price
Read More
First time at Nicola Quinn and I enjoyed every moment! The friendly lady on reception set a lovely tone and the atmosphere was very calming. Grace recommended a facial to suit my needs and I really appreciated her flexibility in this. She was professional, friendly and knowledgable throughout. Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend!
Liv Rose
Read More
This was my first appointment at the spa and they were able to get me in the same day!! I was so amazed with their lovely customer service not only over the phone but in person as well, the place was beautiful and the entire team were lovely to talk to and made my experience even better.
Jessica Rapana
Read More
I visited the spa in July for a gorgeous facial. Bernice also offered me lots of helpful skincare take-home tips, which have made a big difference to my skin since! x
Paige Emilia Jane
Read More
Had a great time with my Ginger and Me facial. Would highly recommend Lucy. She made me feel very comfortable and pampered, and knew exactly what she was doing. The service was fantastic. 100% would recommend
Hannah Thomas
Read More
I had the O Cosmedics Dermal Peel with Lucy today and it was lovely! It was very relaxing and Lucy was very knowledgeable and informative 😊