DP Dermaceuticals myLED Face Mask


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The Dp Dermaceuticals myLED Face Mask is your answer to an at-home personal LED facial mask, allowing you to take advantage of the latest in light therapy from the comfort of your own home.

A single 10-minute session leaves your skin feeling plumper, more hydrated, and refreshed, with results improved with repeated use. After four weeks of three treatments per week:

  • 95% agree skin was brighter and plumper
  • 98% agree skin felt firmer
  • 96% agree fine lines were less visible

The myLED Face Mask uses two proven wavelengths of safe light-emitting diodes; red (633nm) light and near infra-red (830nm) light. Clinical studies have shown these wavelengths stimulate the cells that produce collagen and elastin.

LED light therapy (originally developed by NASA to help fast-track healing) improves blood flow and tissue oxygenation through a process called photobiomodulation, which helps rebuild the damage caused by the ageing process. The myLED mask will assist with naturally plumper and clearer skin, with diminished fine lines and wrinkles through this at-home LED treatment. 2-year warranty.