The Importance of Mindfulness


We chat to Zoe one of our lovely therapists about the importance of mindfulness, and the part it plays in our mental and physical health as well as our skin!

What is mindfulness, and why do you think it’s so important in today’s world?

It seems we’ve never had so many stresses, commitments, responsibilities and pressure as we are faced with today. Even when relaxing, our mind is running through the to-do lists, checking the news or social media, constantly messaging people or pre-planning for whats to come. We rarely just stop.

How mindfulness works is, instead of activating so many different areas of your brain, we can be in “the here and now”, using a much smaller percentage of your brain’s energy. We know that stress puts added pressure on the body, but it also cause the skin to age quicker. By introducing mindfulness to your life, you not only keep the mind healthy, but the skin and body too.

How long have you been a beauty therapist, and what made you decide to work in the industry?

Ten years ago I retrained as a beauty therapist to pursue a career I had a passion for. Having dealt with skin issues from a young age, I wanted to help be able to help others achieve skin confidence. I trained in the UK and have worked in both spas and salons before moving to Christchurch early 2020.

Image of Young woman having massage relaxing in spa salon.

Which treatments do you recommend to help with relaxation and mindfulness?

The Ginger&ME Mindfulness Facial – hands down. This facial not only addresses skin concerns with active ingredients, but also calms the mind and body with soothing touch, inhalations and a unique meditation session. It relaxes you inside and out.

Even those who don’t practice mindfulness will feel the benefits of being taken away from daily life to clear the mind and reset! Of course some massage therapy once every few weeks is great for relaxation and muscles too.

How can we make our skincare routine more of a relaxing ritual?

What makes us feel relaxed is different for everyone. For some, it’s the feel of cocooning the skin with luxury products and for others it’s the smell of essential oils. Enjoying your products and routine rather than letting it being a chore is so important!

Allow it to be your time. Close the bathroom door on the world, fill the sink with warm water, wrap yourself in your fluffy gown, maybe even light your favourite candle, and enjoy the feel and the scents of nurturing your skin.

What is your favourite Ginger&ME skincare product and why?

Ginger&ME is based on those nourishing, natural elements but also created to improve the skin. I love using the Ginger&ME SOS Relief Cream to soothe the skin. The texture is creamy and instantly cools any redness, high colour or irritation, while the watermelon and cucumber scent refreshes and quenches dry skin. Even though I’m not prone to sensitive skin, I love the feel and smell of this product and will use on myself after peels or micro-needling, as a lip balm or if I’ve caught the sun.

Ginger&Me Neuro SOS Relief Cream

Luxurious and creamy, this fast absorbing emulsion offers irritated, high-color and compromised skins healing and strengthening support, anti-irritant benefits, calming and soothing properties while re- establishing the neuro-cell communication.

Need some help with relaxation and mindfulness?

Visit us at Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa and we’ll help get you on track for your ultimate relaxation guide!

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