Bridal Skin Goals – Achieve a Glowing Complexion

Achieve that bridal skin glow! We talk about all things pre-wedding skincare and in-clinic skin treatments. 

There is so much to think about when planning your big day. Your wedding dress, venues, guest lists, flowers and first dances… it’s a never-ending to-do list! 

Plus, as always, you want to look and feel your absolute best. So it’s totally normal for you to be thinking about how your skin is going to look on your big day.

But, instead of binge-purchasing, every product that pops up on Instagram, start by talking to a skin expert –  whether your wedding is in a year or 2 months – talk to us now. We take time to evaluate exactly what you want. Setting specific goals, whether that’s reducing acne, increasing collagen or elastin, or simply hydrating your skin. 

Your Skin Therapist at Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa can then create a routine that makes sense for you and puts you on track towards achieving an attainable glow for your wedding day. Results take time and having radiant skin on your wedding day is something that should be addressed long before getting your make up done on the morning of your big day. 

One of Bernice’s clients, Georgia, recently got married and shares her skin prep regime in the lead up to her wedding day.

What prompted you to look into skin treatments before your big day?

Feeling confident on my wedding day was really important to me. I had started a fitness programme (haha, like probably every other bride!) but also wanted a glowing complexion. I’m a big believer in going straight to an expert for advice – I don’t have time for trial and error, especially with my face! 

So, in order to get the best results for my skin, I booked a skin consultation with an experienced skin therapist. I was already visiting Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa for the odd O Cosmedics Facial and decided to talk to Bernice (my facialist) to get a personalised skin plan to achieve my specific skin goals. 

We talked about setting realistic expectations and decided to focus on a few key areas – reducing my pigmentation, and ensuring my skin was plump, glowing and hydrated.

What skin treatments did you have leading up to your wedding day?

When I had my skin consultation, I had 11 months before my wedding date, so Bernice suggested the Skin Youth Membership. This gave me an O Cosmedics Facial Peel each month and a Dermapen Microneedling treatment every 2nd month. 

Bernice also created a personalised skincare regime for me to do at home, which included using Retinol and regular use of my new LED mask. I loved that my membership included a 10% discount off all my skincare – a total bonus!

It was no secret that I was going to be spending a chunk of my wedding budget on my skin, but this was important to me. I wanted to feel confident on my wedding day, knowing that I would have the memories and photos forever. 

When I was deciding whether or not to go ahead with a Skin Membership, Bernice pointed out that a regular skincare routine at home is better than nothing – but in-clinic treatments provided by an experienced skin therapist such as Dermapen Microneedling would dramatically transform my skin to radiant. I was sold!

 About halfway through my membership, I also had two IPL treatments to zap away a few spots of pigmentation. I couldn’t believe how effective this treatment was – and was pleasantly surprised at how pain-free it was.

Georgia and her bridesmaids also visited the Spa for all their pre-wedding day beauty prep including spray tans, gel manicured nails and pedicures. A true Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa bridal party!

What skincare products were you prescribed?

Prior to starting my Skin Youth Membership, I had a fairly basic skincare routine – Cleanser, B3 Serum, Hydrator and applying SPF religiously (my friends always give me stick about how much I go on about sunscreen, but it’s essential!)

Bernice suggested I add a few more products to my routine to really kick my skin goals into action. So she prescribed DP Dermaceuticals Retinal Active. Retinol exfoliates the skin, increases skin cell turnover, and stimulates collagen. It is considered the gold standard in skin care for its anti-ageing benefits. 

Bernice also added O Cosmedics 3D Hyaluronic Serum to help with hydration and the O Cosmedics Vitamin C hemp seed oil to brighten my complexion and assist in reducing pigmentation. 

What was your skincare routine the week before your wedding?

The only change was adding in the DP Dermaceuticals Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask. These super hydrating sheet masks were insanely good! I gave all my bridesmaids one and we used them the night before. It is the only sheet mask I’ve ever used, that I’ve genuinely noticed a difference in my skin the next day. We all woke up with a glow that’s for sure! Ohhh and we also used the O Cosmedics – Native Collagen Eye Masks in the morning before our make up to ensure there was no under-eye baggage! 

And tell us, how was your wedding day?!

It was amazing, although a little stressful in the lead up with Covid. I was so grateful that my regular facials were not only results-driven but were also very relaxing. So when my wedding day rolled around, I was surprisingly relaxed and over the moon at how my skin was looking! 

My complexion was clear and glowing – my make-up artist was very complimentary.  I’m so pleased that I invested in my skin before I got married, although my husband might be a little less impressed at the fact I have just signed up for another year – but there is no way I’m giving up glowing skin!

Are you getting married soon?

Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa offers 5 different Skin Memberships plus bespoke treatment plans for brides. The best bit? We also offer Humm Finance payment plans to make investing in your radiant glow just a little bit easier.

If you want to prioritise a glowing complexion on your wedding day, we recommend starting now - book a consultation with one of our Skin Therapists and we will create a bespoke plan to fit your goals and budget.

We can’t wait to help you achieve glowing skin and ultimate confidence on your wedding day!

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