Prevent and Cure Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation treatment: how to handle dark spots and pigmentation

Even if we’re careful and avoid getting that dreaded sunburn on our skin on hot days, cumulative exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays (even in mornings, evenings and on cloudy days) can lead to the formation of pigmentation on our skin.

This will often pop up within a few weeks on our face, arms, neck and chest area in the form of freckles, spots, moles and dark patches. While some people don’t mind a few freckles, the accumulation of darker pigmentation can make our skin look aged, and many of us prefer an even skin tone. So what are the best ways to prevent and cure pigmentation? We run through our top tips below.

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How can I prevent freckles, moles, dark spots and pigmentation patches?


1. Apply a quality mineral SPF daily

While it’s an obvious one to throw some sunscreen in our beach bag and apply it when we’re in the direct sun around the middle of the day, those UVA and UVB rays are out every day from AM to PM, so prevention is key.

Apply it generously (a smidge of SPF in your foundation won’t cut it for long summer days!). The easiest way? Use it like a primer under your makeup. We love a tinted, non-greasy mineral SPF formula like Suntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted Moisturiser Sunscreen, or O Cosmedics Mineral Pro, which both use SPF30+ protection from natural 20% zinc oxide, as well as age-defying antioxidants.

2. Limit your time in direct sunlight

Once you’re in the habit of trying to keep your face out of the sun, you’ll do it without thinking! Try to sit under shade when you’re outside at a restaurant, park or friend’s house, and invest in a chic beach umbrella or at least a wide brimmed hat to protect your face. If you’re swimming or walking out in the sun, try the Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen for the body, which will protect with SPF30+ from zinc oxide as well as treating your skin to natural antioxidants and hydration. Your future skin will thank you!

3. Use a skin brightening serum with antioxidants

A good quality, active brightening serum that contains Vitamin C can help with both antioxidant protection as well as a decrease in melanin synthesis, meaning a reduction in the formation of new pigmentation. We love the O Cosmedics Vitamin C Hemp Seed Oil, the Dp Dermaceuticals Antioxidant Cocktail and the Ginger&ME Vitamin Infusion Booster, which all utilise potent Vitamin C to fight pigmentation and the signs of ageing for a brighter skin tone.

4. Reapply,Reapply, Reapply!

If you’re out and about, you should be reapplying your sunscreen every 90 minutes for the best protection. Keep a spare one in your bag or your car – we love the Suntegrity Mineral Sport Sun Stick for on-the-go top ups, which you can twist up and dab onto your face and body. Best of all, it’s water and sweat resistant!

What are the best skin care products for pigmentation?

Start with getting the right active skincare routine for your skin type, which should include weekly exfoliation, and a daily cleanse, brightening serum and hydrator. To supercharge results, you can also try a course of advanced treatments such as LED Light Therapy, IPL, Dermapen Microneedling and facial peels when summer starts to wind down.

When it comes to high-performance brightening serums to target pigmentation, below are some of our proven favourites for lightening existing freckles, dark spots and patches on the skin. You’ll see best results if you apply one or two of these serums morning and night after cleansing, before your hydrator.

O Cosmedics Concentrated Brightening Serum

Revolutionary blue-biotechnology brightening actives, Botanical exfoliants and Flashwhite Unispheres work together to support a visible difference to the skin, brightening uneven skin tone and lightening pigmentation.

Dp Dermaceuticals Brite Lite

This versatile corrective inhibits pigmentation, reducing the appearance of age spots, sun damage, melasma and uneven skin tone, and sedating pigment formation for long-lasting results.

Ginger&ME Flash White Even Skin Booster

Formulated with a leave-on exfoliation action, a new generation pigment-regulator and instant brightening properties, this serum works to promote even skin tone and reduce pigmentation and spots.

O Cosmedics B3 Plus

You might already know that niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a powerful pigmentation treatment, and this serum holds a huge 12%, along with other brightening ingredients for a radiant, even skin tone.

Need some advice finding the best skin care products or treatments for your pigmentation or skin type?

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