Skin Secrets with Dermal Therapist Bernice Olderwagen

We chat to our Dermal Therapist Bernice Olderwagen about her skin secrets… Dermapen gives results like no other and is truly next level.

What do you love most about working in the skin and beauty industry?

I absolutely love working with people and creating change, not just visually but also within themselves by improving their confidence. I treat to improve the skin from the inside out – but also to give my clients the most relaxing experience they can get, regardless of what treatment they get.

It’s the fact that I can sit down with my clients to get to know them and their concerns, and then to be able to turn to my toolbox and work out what will get them to their desired outcome. I love working with so many different modalities and combining them for the best results.

How long have you been a skin and beauty professional?

I have been in the industry for over 6 years. I started my studies back in 2012 and fully submerged myself in it from the start. I knew from the beginning I wanted to advance to do more than just the basics. From back then till today, I’ve never stopped learning.

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What are the most popular skin and beauty treatments in your clinic at the moment, and why?

Most definitely Dermapen4! It’s the one treatment that every single skin can benefit from. It gives results like no other, even with just one treatment, and is truly next level. From pigmentation, acne, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles through to hydration, thickening the epidermis and increasing product penetration, Dermapen microneedling completely rejuvenates the skin. By using the DP Dermaceuticals skin products and with the advanced Dermapen4 device it allows me to customise treatments to all my clients’ skin needs and concerns.

What is your favourite professional skin treatment to get and why?

Ooh, this is a tricky one, there are so many to pick from. But if I had to choose one, I would say the O Cosmedics Dermal Planning Peels. Don’t get me wrong I love the Dermapen treatment for results, but as a working professional, I love my quiet time and relaxing when I am on my day off. With my O facials, I get hydration, exfoliating and skin rebuilding benefits. While all of that is happening, I can just ease away and completely switch off.

What is your absolute favourite at-home skincare product and why?

Hands down DP Dermaceuticals Retinal Active. I cannot go to bed without it. I love the texture and how silky my skin feels afterwards. It is so gentle but also so effective. We all know how important and beneficial Vitamin A (retinol) is for our skin, the Retinal Active does all this and so much more. It reinforces the barrier function, increases hydration, stimulates collagen, improves skin tone, volume, and firmness. For me personally, it helps to keep my skin clear of breakouts and keeps it super smooth.

An intense infusion of Vitamin A, this powerful combination of ingredients includes repair and rejuvenation properties together with anti-aging antioxidants. Visibly firms and lifts atrophied contours, promotes regeneration and repair, nourishes and comforts for increased resiliency, improves hydration in and around skin cells and combats skin damage from sun and agieng. Suitable for all skin types, especially aged pigmented dehydrated sun-damaged.

What’s the one thing your clients are always surprised to find out about skin?

The importance of sunscreen, every single day of the year. Clients most of the time underestimate this most simple product that benefits the skin in so many different ways. Sunscreen is the best anti-ageing product we all can ever use. It’s not about the SPF factor of the sunscreen but about the reapplication of it during the day. The sun not only leads to the formation of pigmentation, but it also breaks down the collagen, the thing we all want for younger-looking skin. This happens through windows even if you are sitting in the office all day. We need to protect, protect, protect our skin!

What is your ultimate tip for glowing skin?

HYDRATION! From the inside out, starting with EFAs (essential fatty acids). The Krill Oil Capsules from Kiki Health are the Rolls-Royce of EFAs. They help repair the lipid layer around the skin cells to lock in moisture, increasing the ability your skin has to contain and maintain moisture levels. O Cosmedics has a variety of products to improve and maintain moisture in the skin, like the beautiful Hydra Plus Sleep-in Mask. This has amazing anti-ageing support whilst you sleep. DP Dermaceuticals has the Hylafuse Technology, with 3 different molecular weights in their products to hydrate the skin on the surface, in the upper layers of your skin, and deep down for long-lasting results.

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