Starting My Journey to Skin Health

Our lovely Client, Georgia, has agreed to share her “skin health” journey with you. She has been visiting NQ for the past 12 months, having regular Dermapen treatments. Over the coming weeks, we are going to share all the ins and outs of her treatments and her amazing results.

Hi! I’m Georgia, I’m 27 and have always been interested in improving my skin, but I’ve never really known where to start. With so many products on the market it can all be a bit overwhelming – especially when you throw in all the skincare advertising, we see each day! 

It was only when my friend recommended, I visit Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa (after I complained to her about my acne) that I started to learn about the power of modern skin treatments and active skincare. Prior to this I had no idea what either of these things were, and assumed spas were just for massages, face masks and manicures!

Client having a skin consult at Nicola Quinn

My first appointment was a consultation with the lovely Bernice, who made me feel so comfortable and was incredibly knowledgeable about skin. 

She talked me through some possible causes of my skin breakouts, and went over a home care routine that would get me on track quickly, as well as a treatment plan to drive the ultimate results. 

Starting a new skincare routine can seem overwhelming, and Bernice said I could just start with the basics – a good cleanser, hydrator and an SPF. 

I decided to invest in a few extra products too, since I wanted the best results as quickly as possible! My consultation was $39, but this was redeemable on product or treatments, all of which I was wanting.

Choosing skincare at Nicola Quinn

It was fantastic learning about active skincare products and the science of how they work in the skin’s layers, and Bernice gave me a detailed plan outlining exactly what to use, and when, which was great because there were a few steps. 

What seemed like a long routine became second nature after a couple days, and only took five minutes. It also felt like a nice relaxing ritual each morning and each night before bed, and now I look forward to applying my products! This may be because I can already feel and see a difference.

In addition to my homecare routine, Bernice recommended I add some supplements to my diet, including Krill Oil to maintain hydration in my skin and repair my lipid layer, an Alkaline Infusion full of minerals to help balance my gut health, and Magnesium Oil which helps to lower cortisol levels and stabilise hormonal imbalances, all of which can be contributing to my acne.

Bernice explained that before we dive straight into Dermapen treatments, it would be best to commit to my daily skin routine to help improve my skin barrier. 

In 2 weeks from now I begin my first advanced treatment with Bernice, a Dermapen microneedling treatment, and I’m so excited to be starting my journey to skin health. If you’ve battled with acne or other skin concerns, you’ll know that self-conscious feeling all too well, and understand the dream of finally being able to go makeup-free!

Although I had been sucked into purchasing “miracle” creams on Instagram, I now know that I have to commit to a good skincare routine and my treatments to see results. Results I can’t wait to see!

I can’t wait to share with you all how my first Dermapen treatment goes! Stay tuned!

Looking for happy, healthy and hydrated skin? Pop into the spa or give us a call for more information we are always here to help with any questions you may have.

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