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Our lovely client Georgia has agreed to share her “skin health” journey. She has been visiting Nicola Quinn for the past 12 months, having regular Dermapen treatments and following an active skincare home routine. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing all the ins and outs of her treatments, and her incredible results.

We are over the moon to share her final outcomes and announce that these amazing results have landed Bernice with NZ Dermapen High Performance Practitioner of the Year – meaning Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa is officially the #1 Dermapen Skin Clinic in New Zealand!

We chat with Georgia and Bernice…

So, Georgia, you’ve completed six Dermapen treatments now – the results are pretty amazing! You must be over the moon?

I’ve never been the girl with amazing skin or that radiant glow, and since a young age, I’ve always been very self-conscious of my freckles.

Dermapen has dramatically improved my skin texture, acne, scarring, hydration, pore size, fine lines (the list goes on!), and I’ve finally achieved that healthy glow I’ve always wanted.

So much so that I’ve actually stopped wearing foundation, without even making a conscious decision to do so! I’m no longer hiding my skin, and I think the biggest result for me is that I now have the confidence to let my natural complexion be on display. I am definitely “over the moon” with my results, my only regret is not finding out about and starting Dermapen sooner!

Nicola Quinn 2021 Winner Dermapen

2021 NZ Dermapen High-Performance Practitioner of the Year – Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa.

Dermapen microneedling membership NZ

Bernice, are you recommending Georgia continues with Dermapen?

Absolutely! But we are now in the maintenance phase, so Georgia will only need to visit me for a Dermapen treatment once every 3 to 4 months. Because Georgia has signed up for a Skin Membership, she will see me once a month for a facial and peel, plus on her membership she can purchase her skincare at a discounted price.

We offer this to our clients because we value the importance of homecare so highly, and want to ensure all of our clients can maintain the incredible results they achieve. We offer 5 different skin membership packages, which you can explore here.  

Again, I feel like a broken record saying this – but great skin needs to be maintained… just like health and fitness! Occasional ad-hoc treatments are not going to create life-long glowing skin.

Best Dermapen Clinic Christchurch

Bernice, you must be thrilled to be the winner of the NZ Dermapen High Performance Practitioner of the Year!

I sure am! But I can’t take all the credit. Georgia has done a wonderful job of maintaining all the heavy lifting we have done in the clinic with her at-home skincare routine.

She was one of my most dedicated clients, and that really shows through in her results. It’s also wonderful to work in a clinic that provides the crème de la crème of equipment and products.

The Dermapen4 is the most advanced microneedling device in the world – I love working with the DP4 and the full range of active skincare products Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa has to offer. It really does mean that I can offer my clients world-class treatments and results.  

Award-winning Skin Therapist Bernice win Dermapen Award

Congratulations to Bernice, officially New Zealand’s #1 Dermapen Practitioner! We are over the moon to be the winners of the Dermapen High-Performance Practitioner of the year, with Bernice’s outstanding treatment results.

Looking for happy, healthy and hydrated skin? Pop into the spa or give us a call for more information we are always here to help with any questions you may have.

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